We automate your service delivery and management process in real-time locations

Yes, as claimed in the title above we automate your decision process and take production data to automate you, your people and your clients. We don’t believe in big investment from your side.

When we say this, you inspire your clients towards your service and, and at the same time your clients are automating you towards getting more productive. And you see all through this process in your live official map which you always like to see expanding. AssignField is capable for these services.


Are you a student, researcher, research body, Monitoring and evaluation officer, business or organization?

Are you enthusiastic about primary data collection using android devices rather than paper?

Do you want to economically collect large amounts of data?

Do you want to avoid tedious data coding into a statistical package?

IF your answers to these questions are YES, then you are at the right place. We use ODK-based technology, but we have international professionals and expertise. We have set a benchmark for advanced data collection and analysis service. We can provide you ready-to-analysis data in any format (Excel, Json etc.) within 24 hour after the data collection is completed. We can work together no matter your location, WE CAN WORK ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. It is easy and fast way to collect data.

Our training to field enumerators is so robust that you can start seeing the real data tendency in real-time environment even in your office or home.


Spot Checks, accompaniment, back checks, audio Audit (to randomly record record the interview to hear how the enumerator is asking the questions, text audit (to check the time spend in answering a question), GPS recording (recording the GPS coordinates of the location the interview is being taking place), high Frequency Checks (daily tracking the data submitted by enumerators to check duplicates, missing values, date of interview, duration of interview, unexpected values, skip patterns errors, the rate of don’t and refuse to answer among others)

Contact us to discuss how assignField experts can make a change ahead towards digitalizing your organizations. Email: assignfield@gmail.com