Business Intelligence

Our end-to-end business intelligence (BI) services include consulting, development, data visualization and testing to enable our customers make smarter business decision.

BI Consulting

We help our customers develop a BI strategy, ensure data quality. Our consultants design BI architecture and tailored report to make informed decision.

BI Development

We provide our customers with a healthy BI environment. Our BI services cover developing a data warehouse, setting up ETL and data cleaning processes.

Data Visualization

Our data visualization tool helps our customers understand easily trends, outliers, pattern and focus on the important information. Besides, our reports are tailored to customer specific needs with user roles and security associated. With the popularity of mobile, our consultants develop also mobile versions to enable access on mobile devices.


Our consultants not only develop a BI solution, but also make sure that it runs as it should be. For this reason, we deliver a data warehouse and ETL testing.