ODK Services in Nepal

We provide complete online and offline data collection services across urban and remote locations. For this purpose we use ODK-based technologies (Open Data Kit). The ODK community produces free and open-source software for collecting, managing, and using data in resource-constrained environments. Fast professional support and secure data collection is our main capacity.

A lot of technologies are ODK-based; Kobotoolbox, Medic Mobile, Dimagi, Formhub, Datawinner, Ona to name a few, and so we are. We have proven track record of advanced data collection in the field of environment, disaster and relief, agriculture and health.

Our main services

Understanding your data need (even longitudinal also), and translating into steps of your action.

Developing a whole data collection strategies and plan of action and scheme of data analysis and presentation.

We can author advanced questionnaire for data of any type; from text to picture and gps location. We can do it even in very low resource constraint environment and in a very short notice.

We can use multiple channels for data collection, smart paper, smartphone, short sms from crowd. Even that there is not internet, we data do this in offline in phone and computers.

Secure server setup :

We can install, configure, and maintain your data collection server (e.g., ODK Aggregate, Formhub, Kobotoolbox, Medic Mobile, Enketo) on a platform of your choice. We can host and secure your data locally or in the cloud. We can customize ODK-based mobile app (ODK Collect) to suite your data collection need.

Training and Management :

We offer remote and in-field training and management. Our multi-lingual team of experts has experience living and working locally and globally. We can source your devices, train your staff, and manage your entire campaign in given span of time.

Presentation and Analysis :

We are a team of academics of real expertise in understanding data and data sources, so know how to extract them and present them. Be it Power BI, Google Map, R, Stata, SPSS, arcGIS, or custom application, we have proven skills of data analysis and presentation in your choices.